What is 4meeting?

With 4meeting application you can always have precise overview of any event anywhere. All you need is internet access. Simple graphic interface is intuitive so that users do not need previous training.

4meeting upgrades organizational communication through information regarding internal and external meetings (inside one department, or within the entire organisation).

Advantages of 4meeting:

  • Security of business events organization management
  • Precision, discipline and order when planning a meeting
  • Increase of efficiency within an organization through reduction of time and expenses
  • Automation of work processes
4meeting is a web based solution for easy and efficient event management. It is a support to all who are in charge of organizing an event of any kind. It facilitates the organization process and all the necessary resources: halls, equipment and services. The software offers access to up to date data and event information, clearly defines tasks and responsibilities, controls expenses ant automates work process. By using 4meeting solution, you gain more time, energy and satisfaction, and less worries and expenses.

4meeting offers:

Complete organization of business events (business meetings, conferences or presentations…).

With 4meeting you can book an auditorium for a conference, organize necessary equipment (computer, video beam, microphones…), as well as execute many other actions (preparation of hand out material or ordering coffee for breaks…).

When organizing an event it is imperative to define which person is in charge of what task. 4meeting also has a possibility to allow each person to create its own list of duties, based on his/her responsibilities.

Application also allows reviews of daily and weekly tasks. Besides that, 4meeting also offers the organization of events that are not in business sphere of a company (banquettes and similar…).

The software also grants the possibility of monthly and yearly statistical reviews, as support to overall expenses and success calculation.


Your company’s presentation to potential investors:

  • Preparation of duties list for responsible persons
  • Reservation of a hall of auditorium according to the timetable
  • Reservation of necessary equipment
  • Preparation of hand out materials and the exact time when and where the materials will be delivered
  • Preparation of a banquette within the presentation

With 4meeting application, each person has the overview of daily and weekly duties he/she is responsible for. The availability of equipment is also available, as well as overview of appointed meetings.

4meeting offers all the information regarding your event in one place, within a web application, thus making your task easier and more efficient.