Billans is an innovative web accounting application, created with the aim to improve business operations, automate business processes and increase profits of small and medium enterprises. This is a unique cloud solution, based on SaaS model (Software as a Service), which in addition to standard accounting modules, introduces and combines different aspects of the business, establishing a unified system, with a high degree of safety.

Customer needs, our experience and clear vision, have indicated us this business model, as a necessity of modern business, whether a client needs a system for managing own company's operations, or accounting agency needs a better and more efficient ways to manage client’s finance and accounting . Billans provides access to the application from anywhere, anytime - all that the user needs is a web browser and internet connection.

Financial management and accounting

Billans provides efficient communication flows, business strategy and financial policies, as well as faster and more reliable business decisions making. It also facilitates control of financial operations, monitoring funding’s state and trends, monitoring and realization of payables and receivables, as well as different cost analysis. It’s functionality and simple use, provide a centralized recording, tracking, managing and analyzing all accounting and financial transactions in the organization.

Reporting, Documents managing system

The application has its own sophisticated scheduling system to create all reports and system for notifying users. All reports are automatically integrated into the documentation. The system enables efficient classification of documents, including all types of documents involved in business processes, with defined access rights. The centralization of archives enables visibility of the business operations, facilitates control and provides a high degree of safety, faster access to documents and their distribution. Documents can be entered and integrated into the system, regardless their source or form – it can be scanned documents, different types of files, images, video and audio records, as well as documents, created through integration other systems into the Billans application – e-mail, voice mail, received/sent fax or shared documents from the corporate social network. Example of use can be found here...

Scheduler, System for notifying

Prompt data processing and timely notification are essential part of the Billans. The user is notified through an integrated system which automatically notifies the tasks were completed, reports processed etc. For certain parts of the system, the user can choose an additional form of notification (e-mail, sms...).

Integrated VoIP

VoIP telephony has become a necessity and a standard part of the modern business, because of its additional functionalities, low costs, improving productivity and easy use. The introduction of this system into the Billans application significantly affected the overcoming communication problems, both, within the company or with the customers, as well as logical synchronization and automatization processes with other systems within the application, therefore and business operation improvement. Example of VoIP use can be found here...

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Corporate social network

The business social network is a platform that integrates employees, information and application, creating a flexible environment with a knowledge base where users can obtain the necessary information through the system or from other employees within the organization. Using a security model based on roles within the company and membership of a particular organizational structure, content sharing among users is maximally efficient and productive, with a high degree of safety. Users see only the content they are responsible for, or which they were intended, and that contributes system reliability and provides important mechanism of protection companies intellectual property. All activates can be tracked using the notification system. The need to direct and organize a vast amount of knowledge and information flows within the company, and to promote it’s efficiency, resulted in the continuous work on the improvement of this module.

Business information in your pocket

We are developing an application's version for mobile devices.

Transactions tracking

All transactions within the system are tracked, saved and accessable for auditing or state recreating.


Safety and important financial information protection from unauthorized use or system failure, have the highest priority to our company, and we provide the highest level of security to client’s data.

Our hosting and supporting infrastructure guarantee the absolute data security. Safe environment is supported by the physical protection of data on the server, as well as the server. The servers have SSL digital certificates, so that the data transmission between the user and the application is encrypted. External access to servers is controlled by multiple layers of firewalls and network security structure in accordance with international standards. We have an automated system to backup data in multiple modes – night, complete weekly, incremental backup every 30 minutes, so that at any moment data can be recreated if necessary.

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