4meetingDanieli Automation spa - NUCOR project

In cooperation with partners Spin and Automation spa we made automation for an operation of a well known steel production in North Carolina, USA. The project included creating a third level automation for cast profiles steel mill. The system is a whole solution: from ordering materials, planning and supervision of production, over transport and invoicing, all the way to stock management. Through resident applicative modules, which are executed on servers, the system automatically receives data from production and changes the production process from the beginning to the final processing.


Danieli Automation spa - HiConsole project

Software for HiProfile machine made by Danielli Automation spa. The machine follows the steel profiling on high temperatures in real time. The measuring is done by multidimensional laser beams, after which the data is being sent to the application which displays the steel profile in real time, watches for any irregularities and informs the operator if any occurs. The application records all data, and enables statistics overview and data browsing.


Danieli Automation spa - ALC Message Rellay project

In cooperation with Danieli Automation spa, a project has been made, that enables connection of two incompatibile systems in production automatics. The ALC (Allegheny Ludlum Corporation) operation for stainless steel production has an old mainframe computers which were connected with the level 2 automation machines of Danielli Automation spa, via this project.

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